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Used most often used at the poker table, or in reference to a poker game.

An extreme form of tilt, often caused by a series of bad beats, excessive table banter from donkeys, or otherwise shit-ass luck in a poker game. The player experiencing monkey tilt may experience one or more of the following syptoms: 1) complete and utter disregard for money (in fact, other players may even claim that the player in question "hates money") 2) frequent bluffs and all-in moves before the flop in a no-limit hold-em game 3) calling bets with complete disregard for the cards or the odds being offered 4) jumping up and down screaming "oooh oooh aah ahh" while shoving a banana down your own throat
The dude in the 2-seat is on complete fucking monkey tilt.
by Carlos CFC October 11, 2005
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