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when someone shits in their own hand and slaps the victim in the face so that the poo make a splat noise and covers the whole victim's face.

the word derives from the way monkeys at the zoo poop in their own hand and throw it at their enemies.
dude, when that bitch falls asleep i'm going to give him a monkey slap.

by Vince Goots & Adam Goudy August 15, 2006
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A backhanded slap in the vagina.
Tim monkey slapped Shirley, and she couldn't pee for two days.
by Bananular October 05, 2006
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A swift loose open handed slap applied to the top of someones head with a loose armed downward motion.
The bitch looked at me funny. So I monkey slapped her.
by JeffL October 18, 2003
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While having sex doggy style, pull out, then smack the receiving person on the ass with your foot without removing your hands from their waist. Re-insert and continue.

The name is derived from a monkey's foot.
How'd you slap my ass? Both of your hands are on my waist.

Monkey slap, baby, monkey slap.
by Ninja Monkey Boy February 20, 2009
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Slapping a person in the face with a come soaked hand. Great for S&M situations, humilitation, etc.

Not great for "trying new things" with your squeemish partner.
After calling him a bad boy and insulting him for his less than manly attributes, the mistress gave the slave a pity hand job and quickly finished with a nice monkey slap to keep that self esteem in check.
by sickpuppy37 December 19, 2010
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When a girl is hungover, and she takes a nap. So while she's sleeping, you mushroom stamp her. Causing her to wake up, so the headache is just that much worse.
"Wow I'm so hungover. I'm gonna take a nap."
"ouch!!!! You douche! What the hell was that?"
" you just got monkey slapped!"
"OMG!!! You are so anal!"
by NotSoSilentNinja January 07, 2010
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