A moment when you realize you're doing something that's very monkey-like, to the extent that it makes you also realize that you're probably not much more evolved than a monkey.
I had a monkey moment last night while picking the fleas off of my dog.
by triskalguilo October 14, 2008
Momentary devolution to one's inner monkey through selfish, impulsive behavior often without forethought of the consequences. Often monkey moments are followed by insincere apologies.
Did you just grab food off my plate?
Sorry, I had a monkey moment.

Quit that! Did I say you could put it in my ass?
Sorry, monkey moment. Just let me finish real quick.

Did you just rob that convenience store?
Sorry, I was having a monkey moment.

I did not have sex with Ms. Lewinsky.
I had a monkey moment.
by Paulie the Monkey September 12, 2010

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