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A violent aggressive outburst, usually sustained for five to ten minutes.
Oh no, Ceri has gone into monkey mode. We gotta hide before he kills us all!
by Kate January 18, 2004
When someone outbreaks in anger and starts throwing their own poop everywhere.
Yea, my friend went into monkey mode yesterday. were still cleaning teh poop off the walls
by Slade March 27, 2004
There is an old saying about given a room full of monkeys with typewriters and enough time, they will produce the works of Shakespeare. Or something like that. "monkey mode" draws on that imagery to describe automated testing of software that randomly punches buttons and otherwise exercises the system to see whether it will fail.
Sure, you tested the happy path, but did you do the monkey mode test?
by Medvezhonok June 02, 2013
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