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A fart that feels like your colon is being ripped apart by a thousand monkeys.
"The monkey claw is smelly"
by James Howard December 27, 2003
A fart that feels like your anus and sphincter are being torn apart by a thousand monkeys!
Aaaagh! I've been farting all day and my arse is sore from the Monkey Claw I did after that curry!
by Shane Turner/Daniel Lowndes August 05, 2003
The kind of fart that burns your butthole. It feels like a monkey with really sharp claws is trying to claw it's way out of your anus. Usually the result of consuming spicy Mexican food. "Don't lie and say you've never had a fart like this... everyone has!"
I thought I was going to have to take a huge dump because of all that Mexican food I ate. Instead I just farted about ten monkey claws.
by badcandy13 December 12, 2005
A loud and particularly wet fart, one that presumably rips your anus apart. From the infamous "Not Without My Anus" episode of South Park.
Oh Terrance, would you like a MonkeyClaw?
I sure would!
BAH hahahah
by Professor Panic February 28, 2005
Monkey Clawing is when you speedily pull your pants down, shit in your hand, and proceed to chuck your feces at someone. Just like some monkeys do at the zoo, they poo in their hands and then throw it at humans passing by.

Normally done to someone in which you have a strong hatred for. This usually takes place outside, as you wouldn't want to get shit all over the inside of a building.
John: Dude Jill keyed my car, I'm going to Monkey Claw her"
Joe: Hell yeah dude! Let me get the camcorder!"
by Daniel Dub October 23, 2007
Getting one or two fingers stuck diretly into ones armpit. Usually followed by laughter and/or peeing of the pants.
Instead of going to Target, Mike and Julie just sat around and gave each other Monkey Claws all afternoon.
by Mike McClana August 10, 2008
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