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A small bump, generally on the top of the forearm caused by the muscle swelling from being hit. Can be given by a friend, or happen when you slam your arm into a door knob at full blast. Usually hurt, and only last for a few seconds.
I gave Jack a monkey bubble by punching him on the top of his forearm.
by cronix April 29, 2004
When a cuss word just would not be appropriate, a good conversation stopper, "Monkey Bubbles!", will cause your friends to pause.

Harmless replacement word for crude, harsh words like fuck, bullshit, asshole, etc.
Someone is telling just an unbelievable pack of lies. You recognize it as total bullshit, but you take the higher road, "Monkey Bubbles!".

John is at the annual family picnic. In front of granny, sweet aunt martha at the youngest cousins ages 3-7, something incredibly heavy hits his toes. "Monkey Bubbles!" It gives him something to scream out, yet still does not offend anyone in the party.
by the infamous lj December 13, 2010

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