A girl that is energetic and loves art. She has a thing for twins like Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
Friend: Look! There's Monique! She's working on her art project again.
by thewantedandonedirection April 08, 2013
The name for a pretty, funny or special lady in life.
That girl looks like such a Monique
by Swick13 February 23, 2015
A large black lady with a large ass and tons of sass
Yo, Monique just got her hair did
by grn May 03, 2015
Monique is a self dedicate slut that like to play video games and will harm anyone in her path.
Beat Monique at Tetris and she'll bite your dick off.
by waalay July 07, 2014
The sexiest chalupa to ever moonfire spam a black man's home. An orgasmic, seductive mudkip who walks the planes of Chuck E. Cheese. Also head master of the Super Sayan Satanists, no nyugas gon' be tryin to cap this crackalord. And the heavens shall tremble upon the holy waking of the master. No soul will remain unharmed, all virgins will be harvested into the crucible of eternity.
All the crips be mad
All the bloods be sad
If public masturbation were legal I'd be glad
Who is on the roof, it might be Tadd
A lot of people in China have no dad
wearin a shirt, which is fairly plaid.
If Monique weren't here life would be bad.
by QQcumber April 26, 2012
a girl truly lost in her own beauty, she will pretend to be your best friend but then stab you in the back. She will never defend you, she will keep secrets away from you she will be the biggest bitch you will ever meet, she will be a total white girl, she will try and keep you away from anyone else. She only wants you to be friends with you she treats you like her property.she can have all she wants but if her 'friends'(property) want something, they need your approval. she will talk bad about the people closest to you. She will want a tall friend, a pretty friend, a short friend, a friend just like her, a smart friend, and a slave "friend", also known as the ugly friend she will make her ugly friend her bff so she looks even prettier next to her. Moniques are people everyone should stay away from. Although the best types of moniques are fat blonde ones.
OMG everyone hide the main bitch is coming!!!
*Monique walks down the hall*
by thetruthtellerr February 19, 2015
A large intensified version of a french woman. Is decent at cooking poutine. Rejects boys left and right but when she finds the right man, aint afraid to belch it out. Her superior strength allows her to break down doors with a single kick. Moniques are usually fun loving people but are known for murderous rampages resulting in the death of family and friends.
Keith - "really 3 people dead?"
Lee - " yeah, we must have a monique on our hands"
by Keja Loka June 24, 2009

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