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1 definition by QWERTY789

- she can fit in to any group but will not be very close if she's not committed.
- she can dance, draw and great in music
- Mostly a good singer but very self-concious
- Doesn't like to speak in front for formal presentation
- Likes to play sport and she's not terrible

- good at dodgeball
- she can be a little boyish but can be girly any time although that would make her uncomfortable.
- Very honest for most things but doesn't say anythign if the truth is not very pleasing.
- she can be very hardworking if she wants to although her normal effort is good enough.
- very creative but doesn't like betrayals.
- if she's part of the group, she probably the "super defensive girl" hero type if someone tries to hurt her friends.
- she can be mysterious sometimes and she likes to be alone most of the time to think about things she's working on.
no example :P for monique
by QWERTY789 November 25, 2012