slang termonology for legal tender or better yet a federal reserve note that comes in bill and coin form. the value of a countrys currency depends on social and economic events taking place at the current time. also known as greenbacks, axe heads, whale teeth, dinero, cash, dough, bread, cheddar, the bacon etc.
get to the corner and make me some money bitch!
by coochiecrook503 September 06, 2003
A piece of paper that controls your entire life.
person 1: wanna go shopping?
person 2: Can't, don't have any money.
by o^o May 05, 2014
Something we all like to spend and some like to save.
Person 1: hey do you have any money?

Person 2: nope I spent it all

Person 1: What about you?

Person 3: yes I do but im saving it!
by daileyd22 July 22, 2011
Handle with care. This will kill you.
"I wasn't careful with my money and im in so much debt" *later that morning was found dead in bathtub.
by TotallyNotYou June 17, 2011
A piece of paper or metal that is usually signed by a government's treasurer, stating that everyone is currently under the delusion that you have wealth. In fact, the piece of cotton used to represent how much gold a country had, but then Richard Nixon decided that it was not his cup of tea. Due to 1 cent coins in the Canada (where they have since been abolished) and the US costing 1.6 cents to stamp, owning a lot of pennies makes you more wealthy than society believes you are.
Canada's money is the only currency that has a value: it is made from polymer, a petrolium-derived plastic.
by Placowepuss May 23, 2013
is a word to describe the vagina pussy. Teenagers use it all the time to cover up , so their parents dont know what they are talking about!
joey: Lifes been good but i aint getting no money!
Ryan: damn son just go out a find a girl that puts her money out every where.
Joey: Shit that money was so wet!

Money is all good
by ya boi fred December 22, 2009
A possession that is directly proportional to the amount of problems one has
Guy- "Damn Steve, you got a lot of money!"
Steve- "Yeah, well, I also have a lot of problems. Thanks for bringing it up."
by Benjabibble January 06, 2009
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