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the totally awesome real life pairing of lea michele and cory monteith, who play rachel berry and finn hudson, respectfully, on the tv show "glee." although they are not actually dating, there is a large number of people who believe that they were previously involved with each other or are secretly together at the moment.
person one: dude do you ship monchele?
person two: totally! they have so much chemistry it's insane! they be bonin' it in their trailers!
by jekim. December 10, 2010
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the loving relationship between cory monteith and lea michele.. not only do they play love interest in the show glee (finchel) but they are the closest ones on the glee cast. OH YEAH DID I MENTION THAT CORY MONTEITH IS IN MONCHELE AND LEA MICHELE WITH THEIR SEXINESS TOGETHER AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GIRL: whats a good celebrity couple name?
Ship name for Cory Monteith and Lea Michele,(Rachel and Finn from hit TV show Glee). They were the best, cutest couple EVER and they were going to get married. Sadly, Cory passed away two weeks before the marriage and no one is over it and everyone still ships Monchele.
Lea Michele has a new boyfriend? No way…. Monchele can't be over.
by life&love July 22, 2014

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