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Similar to a Bridezilla, a Momzilla is highly controlling of the many elements to a wedding. Everything must be perfect for her child's day. This child is often the bride, but may sometimes be the groom. The excuse for being controlling and overbearing is usually that the Momzilla has paid for a large amount of the wedding expenses. Common conflicts in which Momzilla may attack include last-minute changes to plans, guests/party members who she does not like, and the bride and groom declaring that they do not like her ideas.
1. The mother-of-the-bride turned into Momzilla when her daughter said she wouldn't wear her grandmother's dress.

2. My friend's mother was upset that her ex-husband appeared at the wedding. Fortunately, a few drinks were enough to soothe Momzilla.
by solana July 10, 2007
Usually a mother --but could be a childless woman (rare!)-- whose good mothering traits such as concern for others and knowing better get blown to massive Japanese-lizard proportions, thus rendering them annoying and complicated people with whom you don't want to spend a second longer than you must. An overbearing bitch of a mom who's always right. Combination of "mom"+"Godzilla." See also momster
"Did you see how Tammy cut up my meat for me and tell me how to save money by using coupons? She is such a momzilla!!!"
by Madame M July 22, 2006
Essentially a ‘new mom’ who is so baby focused they are obsessive, and could develop into control freaks; basically the ones who go on and on and on about their kids and carry a few albums of pictures with them.
Jenny was a bit of the momzilla of the group, and dominated the conversatiosn talking about her kids.
by Harry the Norwegian Longhair June 11, 2009
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