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The lady who gave you life.
In this context, it is usually used as an insult.
Billy: "I think you are very ugly."
Tommy: "Yo momma!"
by Kristen March 10, 2004
260 97
a marginally sexist way to refer to a girl.
hey momma wanna maybe play freaky with me
by pyke August 08, 2004
132 103
the only person that raised you..the only one who took your shit
Momma said thier be days like this
by tj87 August 06, 2013
18 7
A third person reference to self of a flaming homosexual.
Wait a minute, hold da fuck up...Momma don't do no woods.
by Bluejean Billy March 19, 2009
33 62
a real momma is some body who bitch about everything u do
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
79 118