What is a Mommas boy?

“A grown ass man who still lives at home with his single mother”. This person is a complete and total Idiot who is characterized by his efforts to cope with his lack of acceptance in society by verbally assaulting the only person in the world who even cares about him; his own mother. He thinks this is “cool” and excepted; he also has the last word in any argument, right or wrong and is a complete Tool. This person thinks he’s the shit, but he is really clueless to how everyone mocks him behind his back. This person can’t even keep a women satisfied; She left his sorry ass after cheating on him several times, for another woman no less!

This kind of person suffers from mental problems such as schizophrenia and may have a drug usage problem. This person would also most likely suffer from alcohol abuse and neglect from his peers because he is a egotistical bossy assclown who is still permafried from taking to many drugs and or is half retarded and who’s only aspiration in life is to listen to rap music and pretend to be a gangsta, all the while the world passes his no talent unemployed sorry ass waste of space by. You’re not going to school, you have no job, no money, you’re 23 and your mommy pays your bills! You think the world owes you a fucking living. Well my sad and pathetic friend you are in for a rude awakening, one day you will wake up and realize you’ve drank your life away and your pathetic life has passed you by. You’ll be lucky to work at the corner quickstop for minimum wage you dirty sheepfucker!

Mommas boy, Need I say more?
by RighteousSniper December 04, 2008
1. A 21 year old boy, who can bust balls at work, but in return can't handle the pressure. Resulting in a phone call from his parents to his manager.

Chad, I recieved a phone call from Dan's parents last night. Please don't pick on him anymore at work, because he is a momma's boy.
by NAPA January 21, 2008
A guy who depends on his mom and is super scared of everything.
"He's scared of FLOWERS?! Wow, that guy is such a momma's boy."
by :) May 22, 2004
Some say a momma's boy is a punk or sissy.
But I'm here to tell you these so called momma's boys are good men.
Who actually respect you & treat you like the Princess you are!
Unless you are not then stay with the cheating dirt bag who left you in the gutter.

1 He is one who loves &respects women (when other little brat kids are talking back and being disrespectful)

2 Shows respect to all women & adults

3 Protective of his friends & family (isn't that what you want as women a men who will stand up for you and protect you and yours)

4 Prob was the man of his house at a young age - making them have much more experence of being a real man

5 Receiver of much love very affectionate - Omg he might even kiss you in public

6 and I'm sure he will not leave the toilet seat up & let you fall in

Queen Mom
I meet this man he's smart, kind and soooo handsome. He makes his own decisions, respects women & he's an awsome football player not a punk at all u should see him play he's a beast!! Future NFL star. They say he's a Momma's boy and he loves his Mom alot!! But don't we all!! That shows me he's a family man & will be a great husband and father one day! To a real women. His momma didn't raise no fool.
by BIZ 55 February 09, 2010
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