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Some say a momma's boy is a punk or sissy.
But I'm here to tell you these so called momma's boys are good men.
Who actually respect you & treat you like the Princess you are!
Unless you are not then stay with the cheating dirt bag who left you in the gutter.

1 He is one who loves &respects women (when other little brat kids are talking back and being disrespectful)

2 Shows respect to all women & adults

3 Protective of his friends & family (isn't that what you want as women a men who will stand up for you and protect you and yours)

4 Prob was the man of his house at a young age - making them have much more experence of being a real man

5 Receiver of much love very affectionate - Omg he might even kiss you in public

6 and I'm sure he will not leave the toilet seat up & let you fall in

Queen Mom
I meet this man he's smart, kind and soooo handsome. He makes his own decisions, respects women & he's an awsome football player not a punk at all u should see him play he's a beast!! Future NFL star. They say he's a Momma's boy and he loves his Mom alot!! But don't we all!! That shows me he's a family man & will be a great husband and father one day! To a real women. His momma didn't raise no fool.
by BIZ 55 February 09, 2010
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