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A fictional eastern-european country. An Australian comedian under the stage name of Zladko Vladcik contributed to knowledge of "molvania" spreading over the internet, with hit songs including Elektronik Supersonik, and I am the Antipope. And the end of each song, "Zlad" as many know him, would say the line "Long live Molvania". There has been a book released about molvania, titled "Molvanîa: a Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry" Molvania was thought up by australian comedians Tom Gleisner, Santo Cilauro and Rob Sitch.
Long live space race, long live molvania.
by Count Von Bummington April 09, 2008
A small eastern European nation, just downwind of Chernobyl.
"Where shall we go on vacation?"
"How about Molvania, the land untouched by modern dentistry!"
by Mizzle January 19, 2004
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