Cute blond chick with huge boobs and a great body.. adored by others.. she comes off a a prude but once in a relationship will fuck the shit out of you any chance she gets. If shes drunk, she will cheat on any boyfriend no matter how much she loves him.
wow, sounds like a molly to mee
by chitownwog April 22, 2011
A redneck girl who loves gingers. she dates the same guy more then 6 times.
Man dont u wish u had a molly
by Patrick Mitchell January 11, 2011
raw sex
me and my girl did it molly style last night
by !!!iLOVEcheese!!! December 13, 2010
A girl whose name stands for the purest form of MDMA

Is a derivative of Jeffrey Dahmer and spiderman, therefore sprouts herself into a batcat each halloween. Nice girl. Loyal, but doesn't take shit. Way too politically involved for her own good. Sister is usually a radical biotech , or a nice young lady.
Molly: enters a building
Person: a Molly is near..O.o
by Thisisnotagnesmcginnis August 18, 2013
A totally creepy Asian chick that obsessively stalks upperclassmen that are extremely out of her league. She also wears bright blue eyeliner and bright blue eyeshadow up to her forehead. This girl is not your friend. Be aware.
Boy 1: Whoa Molly get out of here you're starting to really creep me out!
Molly: Oops! -applies more eyeshadow-
by ChickenIsGoodSoYeah December 29, 2011
To eat 51 percent or more of something at a restaurant and then send it back for a refund.
John pulled a Molly when he ate most of that spaghetti and clams and sent it back.
by Drsmilepa December 04, 2011
The Gobbiest Person you will ever meet. Lives on a diet of Wispas whilst living in the attic of a person who the Molly will take as her idol. The Molly does not enjoy walking, and instead tends to roll everywhere making spectacular entrances. Her name is famous from the singing warm-up song named, 'Gobby Molly'.
Girl 1: Who's that rolling on the floor?
Girl 2: Oh just ignore her. She is a Molly.
by Mollythehouseelf September 07, 2011
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