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To be beaten or destroyed in a competition by a lot of points e.g. 21-7, is to be 'mollied'. Mostly used when an opponent loses a competition without achieving double digits - generally table-tennis. Originated in Ireland among college ping-pong competitions.
Future tense: 'I'll molly you'; 'you'll get mollied'.
Winner: Yes! 21-9. You just got mollied dude!
Loser: Damnit! Just one more point and I could've lost with a bit of dignity...

It's bad enough to lose a game, competition, election etc., but to be 'mollied' is just plain embarrassing!!!
#beaten #table-tennis #embarrassing #loser #winner #ireland
by whiteymcfitey January 03, 2009
Getting punched in the face really hard because some kid has an overreaction problem
Max got mollied
#punched #kicked #slapped #hit #mutilated wrecked
by Mollie haters October 25, 2014
i) Past tense of mollid

ii) Prescriptive, e.g. to be "mollied" by someone (to be made mollid by someone)
"we was well mollied"
"I was mollied"
by Matthew Mahabadi October 28, 2004
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