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Can be pronounced two ways, the first being MOLE-ER referring to a person with extremely nice teeth. The second being MUAL-ER, often you may her a added H, to make it sound like you are saying "maul 'H'er". Used to cheer for a beastly, extremely good soccer, basketball, or track player. Usually applies to females only. Also used to compliment someone on their toughness while playing sports, or in any other situation.
Pronunciation one: jesus, she has nice mollers (referring to someone with nice teeth)

Pronunciation two: moller... moller... MOLLER! (Used to cheer someone playing a sport)


Hey Rita! You are such moller! (Complimenting on someone’s toughness in their game, or meet)
by Eolem November 03, 2007
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1. Expression: "To pull a moller"- to ditch, not show up, or leave.

2. Adjective: To make plans with, then not to follow up with those plans.
3. Adjective: To not respond to messages after reading them.
(mollered, mollering)
1. We were going to movies last night but he pulled a moller and now he's mollering me by not responding to my messages.
2. So she never came to your date? You just got mollered.
by britaine October 16, 2013

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