Of exceedingly great size, extent, or quantity

From b3ta.com due to the swear filter that replaces "hug" with "molest"
That's a moleste picture! Keep it below 250 KB!
by bloobloobloobloo January 09, 2005
Top Definition
A situational manipulation of a complicated & creepy nature. A Rube Goldbergian system designed to put the layman at an extreme disadvantage.

A scam whose totality is perceived incompletely by the "mark".

The cause of many heebeegeebees.
"I wanted to buy one of those foreclosed houses but there was too much molesté to get thru the deal."

A chess move that amplifies the impending damage to the opposing player. "That was some serious molesté right there."

The sense that your are in or near a trap. "There's way too much molesté down that dark alley, i'll take the long way."
by metaball August 15, 2009
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