Another more inconspicuous name for a Bongmix, it originated in lewes.
Can I put a fag into your Mole?

Thats such a baccified Mole.

Lets have thirds on that Mole?

That Mole tastes sick.
by EC smokin November 14, 2007
An undesirable female, especially one who makes one's life difficult. Male counterpart is a manmole
Paris Hilton is a MOLE
by dolfmeister February 12, 2005
6.022 x 10 ^23. A unit in science used to calculate how many atoms are in a molecule, good because it is big enough to use, because atoms are so small
6.022x10 ^23 is the amount of moles in a neutral carbon.
by Ant B January 24, 2005
a.A fugly girl
b. a girl who whores herself to famous people or any one as a matter of fact. Ther can be bikey moles also.
Slinkee minx? there fuking moles!

'Jerry grabbed his bikey mole and rode off into the sunset on his harley.'
by SealyMay January 21, 2005
A myopic alcoholic music major with a penchant for deficating in sinks.
When Mole arrives at our parties, we lock the bathroom doors.
by Joe December 28, 2004
A girl who is a slut, but the kind of slut that is ugly and easy.
"Gina is such a mole, and she's not even cute."
by Jessica Mathers September 28, 2006
Noun - short for MoleMan - A person who rarely comes out of their basement to do much of anything despite his number of friends and his pretty nice car. Moles usually stay in their basement and play on the computer or watch anime all the time. They are rarely seen to eat, and can be pretty fun if you can coax them out of their hole.
"Oscar Mike Golf! I saw mole eating the other day when I went to his hole. Sure it took him 20 minutes to answer the door, but hes so hott, hes worth it."
by canadia March 02, 2004
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