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A Mole is a nerd who likes to sit on his computer playing Counterstrike (aka Molestrike). Running ten feet will be enough exercise to make the mole tired. Moles also get exercise by farting. Moles are known to be hairy and often drop ringlets. Oh yeah and they are fat.
Kavon is the prime specimen of a mole. Trevis is no longer a mole, thus no longer gassy.
by Nerdo December 12, 2004
Original refering to an animal that lives in the ground. Also can be used to describe a girl with slutty qualities, who should also live in the ground where she belongs along with the other moles.
Man, see that girl, shes a fucing mole, shes been with every guy here !!
by Scott April 23, 2005
1. A small animal
2. A small round darker than normal skin thing
3. 6.02x10 to the 23rd
4. A crappy TV show
1. "Hey look, it's a mole."
2. "Gross dude, get that fucking mole removed."
3. "That car cost me like a mole."
4. "You know the worst tv show ever?" "The mole?" "You know it!"
by where am i? February 14, 2005
A Mole is the freckles ugly cousin
Is that a freckle?
OMG thats a frickin MOLE!
by DA Greek KING June 25, 2007
a mole is a piece of skin affected by slightly darker pigment that contains sprouting hairs on its surface. Moles are often very gassy (and inherently hairy). They prefer to play xbox over computer, but when neither xbox nor computer is availabe, a game of risk will suffice.
Trevis is the lowest mole on the mole food-chain. or------ Trevis is last in the mole pecking order.
by kevaaaaan December 12, 2004
a gross object usually brown, sometimes has a hair located on the body.. sometimes needs to be removed
tony wilbar
by hannah December 22, 2003
a thing enrique iglesias got removed cause it was big and ugly.It can be hairy, and huge or small and ok.
get it removed!
by outlast October 11, 2003