a beast ass animal that isa mix of a elephant and a dino ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Penguin-Mokele-Mbembedogg April 09, 2003
Top Definition
The name that natives of the Congo have given to what many believe to be a living Dinosaur, that is said reside in their region. From interviews with locals and eye-witness accounts by explorers, it is believed that the creature is a sauropod, like a diploticus or apatasaurus (commonly mistaken for a "brontosaurus," which did not actually exist).
Though there have been many reports of Mokele-Mbembe sightings since the late 19th century, the scientific community has shown little interest in researching it.
by Timstuff September 16, 2007
A Beast ass animal that is ghetto and has cornrows and be a wanksta. A beast ass homie that rules ass.
My Mokele-Mbembe is a bit large.
by DOGG April 17, 2003
A beast animal that rules ass and is beast.I havea Mokele-Mbembe named George
George is a beast
by Penguin-Mokele-Mbembe April 09, 2003
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