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Used in place of the word okay, it is the equivelant to saying mmmmm okay then. Alternatively you can just say mokay instead of okay....mokay?
"You want to come to the shops?"
by Sexah_Angel July 27, 2003
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verb: to hit someone or something very hard; any kind of smash
I'm gunna straight up mokay that guy if he tries to walk away with my money.

youtube search: Get Out My Binnis (Super Remix).
That is what a real MOKAY is. haha
by STWPECKAWOOD April 08, 2010
A combination of meh and okay. It is to say okay to a task, but to not care about it
Boss: Could you fax these?
Me: M'okay
by Latchking June 12, 2012
A combination of "meh" and "okay".

Can be used to describe something that's on the better side of mediocre; you either don't care for it but think it's acceptable, or something that's bland but inoffensive.

Can also be used as an affirmative, but indifferent response to a command.
"What did you think of the new Superman movie?"

- "Eh, it was... m'okay, I guess."
by Cybermonk December 29, 2013

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