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Naturally occuring vaginal lubrication or discharge.
There was fucking moip everywhere!or she was moiping like a slobbering dog
by rich edwards November 15, 2003
20 7
The discharge secreted by a lady's frontbottom as a result of its receiving pleasure, especially from a penis.
Good grief! It took me half an hour and five handkerchiefs to get the moip off me todger!
by The Squire July 24, 2003
36 8
pussie juice
dirty bitch! shes moiped all over me
by Joe n Matthew March 19, 2004
18 8
Making out in public.

One who loves to make out in public.
That keytar player is so hot. I bet he likes to M.O.I.P.
by DRP1111 June 12, 2010
2 2
to make out in public.
Anthony and Ashley MOIP'ed at the mall.
by Justin Serabo December 28, 2007
6 11