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moi = "me" in french
ffs it means me in french doesnt it. lol
by Lee Miller August 03, 2004
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"Hi", "hello" in Finnish (common language).


by Mikko September 21, 2004
Mois would tend to act like Mr. Pity-Me. He would talk as if he is almost yelling at you in a tone of a crying adult.
"Dude stop sooking, you're beginning to sound like a Mois"
by Lizziez October 11, 2012
1. French for "me"

2. Meaning "me"; usually used by Internet nerds, homo/metrosexuals, and diva-like females
1. Excusez moi, je suis français.

2. Internet nerd: LOL did you just frag moi?!!?
Homo/metrosexual: Hunnay! Moi needs some pamperiiiiin!
Diva-like female: Move out of the way for moi, bitch!
by Unfunded January 29, 2007
''moi'' is French for ''me'', but it is also used in the North of Holland as ''hi''.
French person: It's moi Mario.

Dutch person: Moi! How are you doing?
by RiHeDiPa October 03, 2011
Used to laugh/ imatate/ take the fun out of someone when something they do is wrong or something 'wrong' has happened to them.
Also can be be used in a long screach noise.
i.e. Mooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
Another word for Whay or Phat Whay
Person A: The answer is 64
Person B: No, 63 actually, Moi moi moi moi moi.

Person A: I walked into a door this morning.
Person B: Moooiiiiiiiii.

Person A: I got my girlfriend pregnant.
Person B: LOL Phat Whay/ Moiiiiiiiiiiiiii
by Littlemissknowitall:) March 02, 2010
A nice way of saying "mota" or marijuana in Spanish; slang for marijuana in spanish and in english in some parts of the United States.
"Are we gonna smoke some mois or what?" or " Pasame la mois vato."
by thegonz76 September 03, 2009

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