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Combination of "man-ogre",
in reference to someone's looks.
Good looking ? Are you serious ? She looks like a mogre !
by xoxo. =] July 16, 2008
3 0
A Fattius Maximus, or quijibo. Usually travels in packs (i.e. with a Grummis). Children are usually scared of it, and with good reason. His large hair contains many wonders, such a boogers, wax, and often resin. If seen, do not panic, much like a t-rex, if you do not move, it can not see you.
Oh shit, it's a mogre
by CHAZ February 18, 2004
3 2
Biggest pimp in the group. Chicks love big men.
Mogre just stole my girl, big suprise.
by Mogre March 07, 2003
4 3
The King of any group. Generally the larger man.
Wow look its mogre, i just nutted in my pants.
by Mogre March 07, 2003
3 2
Extremely obese person.
Damn, that girl is mogre
by Demon Pudding April 10, 2012
0 0
A giant, usually with large sideburns. Natural habitats include men's anuses and other such regions (e.g. the grundle)
Look at that mogre go!
by CHAZ March 07, 2003
1 3