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Combination of "man-ogre",
in reference to someone's looks.
Good looking ? Are you serious ? She looks like a mogre !
by xoxo. =] July 16, 2008
A Fattius Maximus, or quijibo. Usually travels in packs (i.e. with a Grummis). Children are usually scared of it, and with good reason. His large hair contains many wonders, such a boogers, wax, and often resin. If seen, do not panic, much like a t-rex, if you do not move, it can not see you.
Oh shit, it's a mogre
by CHAZ February 18, 2004
Biggest pimp in the group. Chicks love big men.
Mogre just stole my girl, big suprise.
by Mogre March 07, 2003
The King of any group. Generally the larger man.
Wow look its mogre, i just nutted in my pants.
by Mogre March 07, 2003
A giant, usually with large sideburns. Natural habitats include men's anuses and other such regions (e.g. the grundle)
Look at that mogre go!
by CHAZ March 07, 2003
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