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An individual who teases you with the prospect of knowing the time by keeping various clocks or watches nearby but has them all set to different times.
"Dude stop being a total clock tease"
by Toastomdernist February 19, 2008
Being in a state of extreme intoxication, especially when caused by pot.
"Man i was so mogred last night i don't even remember what i did."

"Dude last night you were so mogred you dressed up in your mom's clothes and went around pretending you were my grandma and singing Jason Donovan Songs."
by Toastomdernist February 19, 2008
vb. to jat oneself - when one is so sexually excited that they simultaneously ejaculate and defecate, (etymology: a cross between jizzed and shat)
"man, that Stacey Slater is so fit when I see her I pure jat myself"

"Jesus Alan, did you just jat yourself?"
by toastomdernist April 07, 2009

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