A MOdular boGAN. An aussie eastern suburbs bogan who especially embraces music, fashion and entertainment promoted by Modular Records. The Mogan is characterised by an outward appearance most closely approximating that of a flaming gay sailor who happens to enjoy indie music.
"the mogans were thick and fast this year's at V Festival, I dont know how overly manicured blokes wearing flourescent pink shirts dancing to New Young Pony Club are calling other blokes "poofter" and starting fights, but when you live with your parents in the eastern suburbs you end up with some funny ideas."
by Dante Inferno August 26, 2007
Top Definition
A large fish. Term was popularized by Captain Blair Wiggins, a fishing charter captain and host of Addictive Fishing.
That tarpon is huge! Its a mogan!
by SARKID August 14, 2012
A fat monkey whore
Fucking Mogan that fat monkey whore ate the last of the cinnamon sticks
by thehead603 July 08, 2011
An Australian word for a bogan with money. This can either be through an accumulation of welfare or a big win on the pokies.
After her 5th child "shazza" claimed the baby bonus and now called herself a "mogan".
by mt1 June 28, 2006
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