abbreviation for "making others feel uncomfortable." commonly used with a hashtag.
I got in his bed with him and slept there without his consent. #MOFU

She told him that she would have his babies when they first met. #MOFU
by TUoverit May 07, 2012
Top Definition
How "mofo" should be it is supposed to be short-form for mother fucker...and fucker is clearly spelt with a u not an o
Happy birthday mofu!
by Jessica December 16, 2003
A way of saying motherfucker that makes more sense than mofo, because the second letter in fuck is a "u" not an "o"
You stupid mofu, you cant even say it right
by tk December 03, 2003
- An adjective of extreme power.
Means one who is dimwitted, a dumbshit, stoopid-head, wacked out in the mind, or just plain retarded.
- It can also act as a unit of measurement, and adding the suffix 'ly' to the end of the original word can do so.

- Derived from the 'Monte Online Facility System' (MOFS) of New South Wales Catholic school, Monte Sant' Angelo, a.k.a MSA, the word mofus was created with just the addition of a U to make the new word seem more plausable to the Australian Language.
1. Omfg, you're such a mofus. OR You fucking mofus!
2. Woah man, thats totally mofus.
3. That was so mofusly huge.
by siennnnnnnnna July 10, 2008
correct abbreviation for mother fucker
shut up mofu
by blhe February 18, 2012
1. MotherFucker!!

2. Fucks with his mother/your mother.
1. that chick acts like a damn mofu.
2. Who this mofu thinks he is? I'll show him
who's the real mofu...
3. You look good- like a true mofo
by SigalMofu April 24, 2011
to molest.
Omg, you mofus (as in a person like bastard, moron, etc.) stop mofusing me!
by future boy mofus September 11, 2008
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