A way of saying motherfucker that makes more sense than mofo, because the second letter in fuck is a "u" not an "o"
You stupid mofu, you cant even say it right
by tk December 03, 2003
Top Definition
How "mofo" should be said...as it is supposed to be short-form for mother fucker...and fucker is clearly spelt with a u not an o
Happy birthday mofu!
by Jessica December 16, 2003
- An adjective of extreme power.
Means one who is dimwitted, a dumbshit, stoopid-head, wacked out in the mind, or just plain retarded.
- It can also act as a unit of measurement, and adding the suffix 'ly' to the end of the original word can do so.

- Derived from the 'Monte Online Facility System' (MOFS) of New South Wales Catholic school, Monte Sant' Angelo, a.k.a MSA, the word mofus was created with just the addition of a U to make the new word seem more plausable to the Australian Language.
1. Omfg, you're such a mofus. OR You fucking mofus!
2. Woah man, thats totally mofus.
3. That was so mofusly huge.
#mo #fo #fus #mofus #m #mofs #mufs
by siennnnnnnnna July 10, 2008
correct abbreviation for mother fucker
shut up mofu
#mother #fucker #mother fucker #your mum #your grandma
by blhe February 18, 2012
abbreviation for "making others feel uncomfortable." commonly used with a hashtag.
I got in his bed with him and slept there without his consent. #MOFU

She told him that she would have his babies when they first met. #MOFU
#yolo #hashtag #mofo #mafu #sins
by TUoverit May 07, 2012
1. MotherFucker!!

2. Fucks with his mother/your mother.
1. that chick acts like a damn mofu.
2. Who this mofu thinks he is? I'll show him
who's the real mofu...
3. You look good- like a true mofo
#mofo #motherfucker #idiot #gangster #cool
by SigalMofu April 24, 2011
to molest.
Omg, you mofus (as in a person like bastard, moron, etc.) stop mofusing me!
#mofus #mo #fus #fu #m #us #s
by future boy mofus September 11, 2008
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