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group of really cool people
Whoa, the modsquad is super mod!
by hotdogs August 09, 2006

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A group of undesirable people that often appear at inopportune times.

Often comprised of douchebags, commonly possessing disagreeable traits.
1. Uh oh - here comes the mod squad!

2. Person 1: Hey are you coming to the party tonight?
Person 2: ...dude... its the mod squad
Person 1: Oh right, what was I thinking?
by Cpt. Cool and Mr Cool March 21, 2008
A group of highly unattractive and socially awkward women who elicit looks of disgust from both male and female audiences.

A mod squad is usually assigned a theme song, often a song with no apparent similarity to the actions of the mod squad.
"Dude, you want to shoot some pool?"

"Naw man, the mod squad is using all the tables"

<Cue 'Money for nothin'>
by anti-mod squad February 27, 2009