A site from which you may or may not receive your order.
I ordered a product but I am scared because I mods4lessed it.
by jipped April 20, 2003
Top Definition
A company that rips you off on the Internet; a company that should be avoided at all costs.
John bought a chip (pro version) and a controller (worth $20) and mods4less sent him the lite version and a $15 dollar controller and have not responded to any of John's emails and it has been more than three weeks.
by Ripped-off June 11, 2003
Homosexuals dealing in ilegal hardware; Believe they are l33t.
mods4less suck my nuts.
by mods4less March 04, 2003
People who send you a broken product nearly a month after being charged for it and comlaining to get it sent.
I just ordered an antique vase but Im afraid because mods4less packed it.
by John December 07, 2003
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