a band with lyrics full of ironies and paradoxes such as "night on the sun" , "good times are killing me" however they do have an innovative sound and highly clever lyrics with sweet one liners for those 16 year old bloggers. However they are not indie. at least not anymore. they are signed to Sony Bmg music. they are a main stream band however this isn't to say anything bad about their high quality.
modest mouse is a great band man, I'm kind of sad that their next album will carry more of a commercial anxiety. like float on.
by turgan October 06, 2005
indie band who sounds like a bunch of young kids trying as hard as they can, but is in fact a bunch of 40 year old drunk dudes who spent too much time drinking and not enough time learning how to play their instruments and or singing. i thought lonesome crowded west was great until i realized the guys who made it are way too old to be making music that sounds similar to that i made back in 9th grade.

by the way their lyrics are not genius, they don't even make sense half the time.
"doin the cockroach yea, doin the cockroach yea, yeahhhhh" - modest mouse
by modestmouseequalsshit August 29, 2009
A band that hipsters are too cool to like anymore because now they are done with high school and attend art school and/or moved to a city, and had to dig deeper into the more sophisticated self zone, aquiring tastes that no one will know about for at least the next 2-3 years, when they will have to update themselves once again (hint: when Xiu Xiu, Blonde Redhead and Q and Not U are completely for indie rock poseurs only... just a matter of time)
Modest Mouse... I never really liked them anyway.
by somebody October 05, 2003
definatly amazing, but its sad to hear there selling out...now heard on the radio and being talked about by all...there goes a great band *salute*
fucking industry
by tisktisk March 24, 2004
Anything big and fat as hell like Issac Brock; lead singer of the now popular band called Modest Mouse.
Man, I ate a whole pizza and when I was done I looked like Modest Mouse!

When that pizza started to digest I knew I was gonna have to grunt out a Modest Mouse turd!
by Tooth February 10, 2005
A band that's a one-hit wonder. Their only good and only popular song was "Float On". How ironic that after releasing a song called "Float On", they subsequently proceeded to "Float Off" the public's eye.
Hey, whatever happened to that stupid-name band with that one catchy song ? Oh, you mean modest mouse ?
by TMRM November 11, 2005
A band that no one actually liked. They were only listened to because Rolling Stone gave them a good review. Thankfully, since the band experienced modest popularity, they'll no longer be trendy. Soon, they'll be sitting right next to ICP and Dashboard Confessional in the mainstream, yet still underground, not listened to bin.
Did you hear about the new Modest Mouse CD? Neither did I.
by John February 09, 2005
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