An extremely profitable production of deceptive and shocking media, typically with a scary title, that is intended to divide a society into two warring, social factions by employing subtle international terrorism that convinces people they must relinquish control over their lives to a reigning bureaucracy in order to save the planet from themselves.
Scared: "Oh no, the sky is melting, we need to stop breathing and farting or we are all going to die!"

Reasonable: "What? Are you crazy?!"

Scared: "Me? You're the fool. You're going to kill us all! haven't you seen that documentary "An Inconsistent Boob"? The producer even gives speeches warning us about you people who are just too selfish and ignorant to see the truth.

Reasonable: "Oh, I get it, you fell for some money-hungry trickster's digitally altered mockumentary."
by Your liberator January 31, 2011
A hoax documentary.
He was completely taken in by last nights mockumentary.
by chatters444 December 02, 2012
A pretend film documentary. Also a film that parodies a documentary.
This is Spinal Tap
by pherb August 30, 2003
A movie that is in the style of a documentary. It is normally a paradoy on a genre of films.
Spinal Tap is the best mockumentary of all times.
by Frankthetank August 30, 2003
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