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A non-alcoholic cocktail usually consisting of a mix of fruit juices.
"I'm driving so I'll have a mocktail."
by Trigger January 29, 2004
A non-alcoholic kids' beverage made to look and taste like a cocktail and marketed specifically to children, often with names like Green Grasshopper (green grenadine and soda water), Shirley Temple (sweet soda), Mocktini (lemon-lime soda with a marachino cherry), Mockmo (cranberry juice and soda water), Hattie (ginger ale and a cherry), etc.
Boy, this restaurant has a huge menu of mocktails for the kiddies!
by JavaJaneOhio December 08, 2010
a non-alcoholic beverage, like a cocktail without booze.
'She can't have a cocktail! Shes only 12!' 'It's ok, I'll just order her a mocktail.'
by TheQueen111 May 23, 2016
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