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Pretty fucked up.
if you partake in this activity, seek psychological assistance.
by Spi September 03, 2003
11 6
n. an action of faking an anal rape, can be countered by a mock-rape subtwo, meaning the mock-raper becomes the mock-rapee.
Dowling mock-raped the umpire before an at bat against needham, then following it up with a gemming triple.

Eich mock-raped benzie after a crappy speech made by benzie, telling the team they suck and how much he hates coaching the team.
by jv ballah December 15, 2004
3 3
secretly thrusting behind one's back while waving RIGHT hand above other's shoulder. catching a mock rape is as good as sucsuessfully mock raping.
i mock raped jeremy, and did not even spring a woody.
by jason da shiz k-man June 24, 2003
7 11
the art of thrusting secretively behind one's back while waving your RIGHT hand in the air. no lube is needed.
i mock raped your papa.
by jason shiz June 25, 2003
2 8
ski is gay.
i know who you are.
by Anonymous September 06, 2003
1 26