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A Narnia Holiday is when your boyfriend sends you away somewhere because he has people visiting him who do not know he is gay. That way he gets to stay in the closet.
My boyfriend had his mother visting him so he sent me on a narnia holiday at my mates place for the week.
by SpI August 30, 2015
A type of sound system.
Barlow: Five-point-one is *RIGHT*
by Spi September 28, 2003
Pretty fucked up.
if you partake in this activity, seek psychological assistance.
by Spi September 03, 2003
Gay Male

A slang Londoner way of saying Batty Boy.
Johnathon prefered a badowski on a Sunday morning.

He was a badowski Toff.

Backs to the wall, badowski walking.
by Spi March 31, 2005

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