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1. spanish word for 'backpack'

2. in english, a very rare and exotic name/nick-name for highly selective individuals, including the remarkable fellow, Hansen
1. Teresa, stop putting your shnozberries in my mochila!

2. Hey Jessie, that Mochila guy is one hott mutha
by Mochila the Great April 18, 2005
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Used as a term to call someone who hangs on their boyfriend/ girlfriend all the time, thus acting as a "backpack".

This person is characterized by asking for constant piggy-back rides, always hugging, or attached in some way to their boyfriend/ girlfriend. This happens often enough to become awkward to other people near-by.

A Mochila is generally female due to "mochila" being a feminine word in the Spanish language, but is not at all uncommon in males.
*boy and girl come down the hallway for the third time in piggy-back mode*
Student: "Whoa! Here comes a Mochila!"
by bball012 March 26, 2009
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