yea moe like Mobb WEAK for signing wit G-unit
Mobb deep one of the best rappers messin'up there career becuz he signed wit g-unit
A:You hear who signed wit gunit
A: Mase and mobb deep
B: heel no
by K.O.KING April 05, 2006
One of the dopest groups in rap music ever. The group's consisted of Havoc and Prodigy. "Shook Ones" is one of the greatest songs ever. They are hated by a legion of Pac fans who probably never heard more than two songs from them but hate anyways. I don't care if you think Tupac is better than Mobb Deep but just don't be an idiot who doesn't know anything about the group.
The Infamous is a classic
by hasafienda December 25, 2004
Dope ass crew from the NY. Prodigy and Havoc. They had a beef with Pac, something no one can handle. Pac fucked their little young asses up.

Mobb Deep made "Shook Ones" and "Quiet Storm", two of the scariest instrumentals ever. Listen to both those songs in the dark and you will fear for your life.
Ain't no party once we crash the party
im' a squeeze shorty and vacate theparty
you keep grillin', i'll pump pump the shotty
put you in a trunk & dump dump the body
nigga you dont know? you betta ask somebody
by Fantasticababo October 12, 2004
New York's Finest rappers Next To Biggie
Shook ones
by AC September 18, 2003
2 rappers from Queensbridge going by the names of havoc and prodigy. I believe this group is incredibly talented, demonstrated by Shook ones pt 2 and quiet storm. However 2pac's beef hurt them during his reign. i believe now is their time. I think they have incredibly mellow beats for songs entitled "hell on earth" and "survival of the fittest" but in a sense that's good- perfect chilling music. They even made 50 cent sound half good in their remix of outta control. Maybe they can bring some talent to G-unit records. they've been here from the start and i believe are hip hop legends alongside Jay-z and Nas. had they not beefed with 2pac, i believe they could have been very big. but maybe they could've lost their street reality so i guess the beef was necessary.
Mobb deep are two of the most experienced, realest and talented rappers I have ever heard.
by jimre September 04, 2005
Prodigy and Havoc...Highly respected underground rap duo out of Queensbridge, NY. Throughout their careers, they have been held back by conflicts with various artists, including Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, and Nas. They recently signed to 50 Cent's G-Unit Record label, adding fuel to the fire in their feud with Nas.
"....long as I'm alive I'ma live illegal"

-Mobb Deep, Shook Ones
by the_pop_culture_nerd March 12, 2006
Apart from being a sick ass rap crew, mobb deep means to travel in large numbers.
I mobb deep to the club with a stretch hummer limo packed FULL.
by boombapalaplap November 15, 2005
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