yea moe like Mobb WEAK for signing wit G-unit
Mobb deep one of the best rappers messin'up there career becuz he signed wit g-unit
A:You hear who signed wit gunit
A: Mase and mobb deep
B: heel no
by K.O.KING April 05, 2006
A dope rap group consisting of Havoc and Prodigy from New York who had beef wit 2Pac and were sick as fuck. They had amazing songs such as Shook Ones Pt.2, Survival of the Fittest, and Quiet Storm, but their amazingness quickly died once they signed to the gayest label on earth: G-Unit, the G probably standing for Gay. After this occured it is difficult to listen to their older songs without thinking about how gay they have become, but credit is where credit is due and their old shit is sick as fuck.
nigga 1: yo nigga, that mobb deep song shook ones is dope as fuck

nigga 2: thaz their old skool shit nigga, they wack now cuz they runnin wit g-unit

nigga 1: the fuck? sheeitt
by MuPpeT480 March 17, 2008
Havoc & Prodigy

Ill rap group but I've only heard a few songs of tho.
Shook Ones is probably one of the best songs I've eva heard.
by some polak November 11, 2004
A rap group that used to be great but now sucks because they signed with G-Unit.
Mobb Deep used to be dope as hell but now they suck.

50 Cent ruined Mobb Deep.
by Godz is a fag boy November 16, 2006
played out niggaz that used to be cool until they singed to G-unit.
fake niggaz that nobody likes anymore.
mobb deep=mobb sleep
by e-rydah August 05, 2006
To roll in big numbers. Many gangsters together.
When we mobb we mobb deep
by MobberDeeper July 18, 2009
Sell outs that used to make good music.
I'm only nineteen but my mind is old
and when the things get for real my warm heart turns cold
another nigga deceased, another story gets told

Mobb deep - Shook Ones Pt II
by trueword March 08, 2006

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