Something one says to an individual enthralled in harrisment.*
*the definition of harrisment can be found on this site.
Origin: mid-urban south-eastern scandinavian
When Viktor, while playing cs, ran into the terrorist base holding a grenade and then proceeded to throw it at a wall directly in front of him, Josh yelled, "Moar?"
by James January 28, 2005
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1. A combination of "more" and "roar".

2. An order bellowed to a forum to remedy the bellower's insufficient pr0n collection. Usually accompanied by foaming at the mouth.
troll89 posts: omg she's hawt! MOAR!!1!
by grrr_argh March 17, 2006
Another word for more.
Used if you wan't more of a thing very badly.
You wan't more of it!
Someone is posting a lot of cool images and you wan't him to post more, Write MOAR!
by Andreas/howareye July 24, 2006
When the amount of material provided that is relevant to the end-users interest is insufficient to meat their personal requirements.
/r/ing moar!
by whatisthisidonteventhegame March 11, 2010
A common refrain in the seedier sectors of the 'net, MOAR (always capitalized, often used with pictures of rioting Koreans) is a cry of lust intended to elicit more of whatever stimulated the lust.
Pictures of a threesome between Mask De Smith, Harman Smith, and Arlen Spector?

by The Six-Four April 12, 2006
MOAR is a word synonymous to 'more' or 'do want', usually used in response to the observation of material relevant to one's interest.
"Moar, please."

"The provided level of material relevant to my interests is insufficient to meet my personal needs. Moar."
by madameJESUS March 08, 2009
An internet fad of a fucked up looking Mr. Krabs saying a "MOAR" in the spongebob squarepants episode "Jellyfish Hunter" .
Mr Krabs: MOAR!
by werewolf54 February 20, 2010
Concerning the most superior relationship ever, moar refers to the foremost adjective describing the way the male counterpart's love is slightly greater than that of the female counterpart.
Michael loves Julia moar.
by doodoohead123123 March 29, 2010

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