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A colloquial term for Missouri City, Texas. A suburb of Houston, "the Mo" (as locals sometimes call it) is known for its moderately priced suburban housing, for one or two reasonably succesful rappers, and as a place where fun dies.
"I's a playa can't associate with the plexin
Bone hard, bitch, Mo City, Texas"
-Big Moe, "City of Syrup"
by Danny N December 23, 2005
missouri city (aka a city right outside of houston texas)
person 1=where u stay at?
person 2=i stay rite ova in "mo city"
by amypt05 May 30, 2005
mo-city-missouri city TEXAS!...yO!! wAs gOoD, iM fROm dA mO-CitY..."A pLaCE WheRE tHa giRLs aRe sO pReTTy" i cALL iT tHa "bUrBeTTo" bEcAusE iTs a CrOsS bEtwEeN tHa sUbUrBs & tHa gHettO, NiCe hOMeS WiT sWiMmiN pOoLs aNd gHettO aSS bLack fOLks tHat sTay iNUm EspEciALLy dOwN hEre iN QV, qUAiL rUN, hUNta'S gLeNN, cOmMUniTy pArk, aNd i wAnNa giVe a "wHat iT dO" tO tHurgOoD MarSheLLs, ELkiNs aNd higHTowEr hiGh sChOoLs...cLaSs oF "06"...dONt gO tA cOLLegE...nAW iM kIDdiN, pEaCe!
.."iM frOm tHa mO-CiTy, wHeRe tHa giRLs aRe sO pReTTy"-some dude dat stay across da street from meh!...i think his name is mike...
by mO-CiTy-bUrBiE-gUh! August 22, 2006
an area ultimately filled with homosexuals... usually flamin' mos
yo man, northhampton is effin mo city!
by Kirs May 24, 2005
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