Abbreviation for "moment"
Similar idea to "min" shortened from "minute"
Same as "tick" also.
I'll be back in a mo'/I'll be back in a min/Back in a tick
by PPLPerson June 22, 2006
Mo is the name for someone's sexual side. Often times shy girls try to hide their sexual side, but Mo is the sexual beast inside them that they try and repress.
How's mo doing right now?
So that night, Mo just lifted up her legs, and things took off from there?
by mo. May 25, 2006
Moet champagne. Definitely not Captan Morgan; it's simply not classy enough.
"Even if you gots to get jet-black, head to toe To get the dough, battle for bottles of Mo' or 'dro" -- MF DOOM
by Fourth Doctor May 13, 2005
something or someone that is annoying or acting in an annoying way
Why do you have to keep taking my stuff. You are such a mo.
This rock is blocking our way, its a giant mo.
by Ryan Cleland February 07, 2005
Magneto-optical (disk or drive).

A removable magneto-optical disk.
Archive it on an MO, it's more stable than a syquest or zip.
by vanilla g-lotto December 29, 2004
slang abbreviation of motel.
if you wanna hit this ass, we can take it to the mo.
by tungsten September 06, 2004
a shorter version of mother Fcuker
Shut up you Mo!
by cait March 14, 2004

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