adj or adv. really or a lot
1) My toe emits a mo putrid stench resembling burnt monkey sauce and dolphin ass.

2) I miss you mo!
by Michael Carrier July 27, 2004
1.short form of moustache (australian slang)
mate!, that blokes got a porn star mo.
by S@m November 11, 2004
*pimp wanna be
*bitchass at times
*Nas's lover
*nas's lil SeNiOr
*my protector
* soooooooo flipppin sExy in his "sexy man shirt"
im obsessed w/my mo according to little girls that want him but will never have him :)
by NA$ October 31, 2004
(noun)-Faggot, (ie. hoMOsexual, hoMO)
You're one gay ass mo.
by Olaf September 21, 2004
A group of hairs (partly shaved) on a upper lip.


A guy that is not exepted in any griop that just happens to have a mo
LOL thats right mo suc it
by MOMAN February 18, 2004
Morbidly Obesse
Look at that mo over there.
by andi January 16, 2004
a big hairy baby (AKA a full grown man who wears tighty whities)...Oh right, his back is hairier than his chest.
those guys at starbucks
by blah blah January 04, 2004

1a: Short for homo, which is short for homosexual.
b: Used as a derogatory term for people who are behaving in a "homosexual"* manner.

1: Used to describe someone who is behaving in a "homosexual" manner.
2: Used to express distaste for something.

syn-gay. homo. fag. queer.

*The term "homosexual" is often not used literally. People use the term loosely to refer to anything that they don't like.

Dude, Rob is such a mo because he's wearing lime green sweatpants with a pink stripe down the side.


Joe: Hey dude, are you coming to the football game tonight?
Rob: I can't--I have to do a report for Bio.
Joe: That's mo.
by Jerk The Mom December 02, 2003

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