1)Short for mom
2)Short for more
3)Short for moron
4)nick name
1)But MO!
2)I'd like some mo, please.
3)Shut the fuck up MO!
4)His real name's marcus, but we call him mo
by Sylk Cream October 05, 2005
a homosexual, one who is acting in a gay manner
That guy is a mo because he is wearing capris
by Jaysliv March 24, 2003
A stupid fucking cunt that needs to consider getting on some hormone pills to help manage her manly voice, bushy ass facial hair, and help her drop her whale weight.
Did you see that fugly chick?

That was a chick?!

Naw... It was a Mo!
by BecPaper August 17, 2009
if u are referring to a blood, and u dont no their name or if a crip call u cuz, u can respond back wit mo'
wut u doin cuz? Im chillin mo'
by christy j February 28, 2008
MO is a word used to describe the feeling you get when a person is just chilling, typically on a couch, in a car seat, or in class and you get a sudden urge to subtley jerk into movement. Some poeple call this "getting the chills". However, the deal with MOs is that if you get 8 in one 24 hour span, you have officially had an orgasm. Bryan Matt coined this phrase.

Maura: Wow! I just got the chills.
Bryan: Hey Maura, do you know what you just had?
Maura: No.
Bryan: You just got a MO. 7 more and you are good to go.
by Team Baby Bubbla February 14, 2008
A name for someone who is socially awkward (i.e. suggests morbid inner thoughts and awkward conversation topics) and has a tendency to screw things up, known as "mo"-ing, or "mo"-ing up.
If someone left a glass with water outside in the winter and it cracked, then they mo'd it the fuck up.

if someone breaks a valuable possession (i.e bong) in the process of doing something they think is good for it (i.e. cleaning) then they mo'd.

Mo example in speech:

person 1: "... so then he said-"
person 2: "-hold on a sec, i have to go take a shit. come to think of it, I might eat some food while im in there. Im thinking bananas and club soda. be right back."
person 1: " fuckin mo."
by frazdizzle November 06, 2007
Short for mom, although mom is pretty short already. Whatever.
Hold on, I gotta call my mo.
by sea turtle May 13, 2007
Someone or something that sucks, is annoying, or is frustrating. See also moped.
You told my boyfriend I hate him? You're such a mo!

Guy 1 : I just lost my job.
Guy 2 : What a mo.

by debbi domination November 02, 2006
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