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a kick ass danish harcore/metal band. they have truly unique style in a (rolling sea of mediocracy that is the hardcore scene of today) that is basicaly a combination of sleak modern nu metal singing with the brain bashing screams of hardcore. their current band members are:
Guillaume Bideau - vocals
Mircea Gabriel Eftemie - guitar, keyboards
Rune Stigart - guitar
Tomas "Obeast" Koefod - bass
Brian "Brylle" Rasmussen - drums
and their former members are:
Michael Bøgballe - vocals (left in 2005)
Mikkel Larsen - bass
Mark Bai - vocals (left in 2000)
they curently have five cds out (passenger, ghost, meaningless, the audio injected soul, and mechanical spin phenomina)
"mnemic kicks ass!"
"fuck yeah man!"
by Darf April 07, 2007
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A band from Denmark that recieves much-unwarranted praise for their style of metalcore. They utilize downtuned stop-start chug riffing and odd polyrhythms remeniscent of Meshuggah as well as harsh verse/clean chorus vocals in the vein of...well, just about every modern metalcore band on Earth. There's some groove and synthesizers in there too, which people seem to confuse for making a band "industrial metal". Every element of their sound has been done before (and better) by countless other bands. One can assume Mnemic owes their fanbase to Metallica (or possibly their publicists, since Metallica could give two fucks about real metal these days), who claim them to be the group's collective favorite band. The hordes of misguided Metallica fans then check out Mnemic and hail them as some sort of unique new thing, despite the fact that Meshuggah, Fear Factory, and even Soilwork were doing everything this band does while the members were probably shitting in diapers.
Metalhead 1: "Should I put on Mnemic's latest album?"

Metalhead 2: "Just make a Meshuggah and Fear Factory mix, dude."
by The Humechanics January 04, 2011

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