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Massively multiplayer online, first-person shooter, real-time strategy, role play game.

A computer game that combines the following elements:

MMO: An online game that many users play at once and can interact with eachother in.
FPS: The game's point of view is first-person, and the goal is to kill the enemy with weapons.
RTS: Control of a civilization, army, city, or other large group.
RPG: The gamer takes on the role of a fictional character and advances that character in ability and sometimes personality throughout the game.

No game like this really exists... But it sounds awsome, and there are some Memes based off of it.
Dude 1: Hey, ever heard of a MMOFPSRTSRPG game?
Dude 2: No, dude, that sounds super jank.
by SugarySummer April 11, 2011
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