A conglomeration of all the ingredients that are in your kitchen at any give time blended into a partially drinkable amorpheus solid form.
Wow this mlak is great!
by rune November 19, 2003
Top Definition
Short for Mystery Liquid Alchemy Koncoction. The act of placing every edible item in your house at any given time into a blender and crushing it into a form that can be anywhere from jelly, to liquid, to suspension, to sedimentary, to grows-its-own-nervous-system in nature. It may live within the drinker for 12-30 days before spawning its own colony within the host's body. It has never been known to leave.
After drinking the mlak, James felt sick. And wasn't quite sure why.
by Hoshi December 24, 2003
mlak is a graffiti artist in the uk who has just become a fully fleged graffiti artist and owns the lcb crew!
wow, did you just see that piece by mlak !
by lcb cre January 13, 2009
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