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a term spoken after a false statement to infer a joke; fooling someone; to denote previous statement as false; to imply dominent social status over the other.

Used in conjunction with, "this dude," or "this guy."

Generally pronounced with the exsessive smacking of the tongue and lip upon opening to make the "m" sound.

Hanging ones own tongue out following the completition of the word is not uncommon.

A term use exclusively in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas, or by those native to South Texas.
"Hey, Alfredo, you have some cool British Knights," Julio said. "Mlah, this dude, thinking BKs are still cool. What the fuck?
Javier said, "Mlah, this guy."
"I'll fucking kick your ass," Alfredo said.
by Joe May 30, 2004
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