A phrase supplanting supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, used when one does not know what to say in reference to another person or situation, especially when one does not give a shit: As in,
Guy: "You know, if Link acquires 100 skulltulas, he will get a special reward, but it takes almost the whole game to get all of them, so what is the point, the game is over by the time you get the reward blah blah blah..."
Girlfriend: "M'kay!"
by midnightrose August 22, 2003
When you are trying to illustrate a point and would like to add further emphasis, you add M'Kay.
Drugs are bad, M'kay?
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by Maverick Corleone May 28, 2006
Slang for "Ok" originally coined in the cartoon South Park.

Pronounced: Mmmm Kay
Terrorist are bad "M-Kay"
by Todd M. Lowdermilk June 05, 2005
another word for okay

were going to the movies,ok? M'Kay!, when
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by ktmhstar December 06, 2005
Popularized by Mr. Mackey of South Park. Can be added to the end of nearly any sentence. Also used alone as a question.
"You can do it 'mkay"
by Akujin Rurouni October 23, 2003
Insted of using the word Fuck
"Dont Say Fuck anymore just use the word m'kaaaay"
See the movie South Park
by Nightwish May 19, 2003
A word used by store/office managers, often after giving instructions, to indicate that there shall be no opposition to the instruction, nor any argument made. Sometimes followed up with a "Great" or "Thanks" as a usually unsuccessful attempt to make the employee feel like less of a tool.
"While you finish my reports for me, I'm gonna go pick up a hooker for my lunch break m'kay? Thanks."
#okay #ok #mkay #mmkay #mmmkay
by A.J. Eitel April 15, 2008
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